What to wear in the Basque Country

Fall is a fickle time in the Basque Country. Not sure what to pack for San Sebastian and the wine regions? Here are a few essentials to have on hand:

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The Basque Highlands and Tolosaldea

When the winds start blowing and the air gets chilly, there is nowhere we’d rather go than to the villages in the mountains. San Sebastian is ringed by low-slung mountains and foothills, and by traveling just half an hour inland, you can reach some of the most beautiful landscapes, charming towns, and lovely villages.

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2017 The year of sustainable tourism

The type of tourism that we offer supports a good local economy, meaning that we walk the walk when it comes to sourcing ingredients, dining at restaurants, visiting producers, and recommending shops. The places that we take you to are the places where we eat, shop, and visit ourselves.

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Semana Grande. Big Week, Big Time: Understanding the tall and short of San Sebastian’s summer festival

Big Week, Big Time: Understanding the tall and short of San Sebastian’s summer festival of ‘pura alegria’. August 13-20, 2016 Compared to many deeply rooted festivals in Spain, Semana Grande’s history in San Sebastian is relatively short-lived. But the Big Week is absolutely packed with festivities, markets, contests, competitions, concerts and a general sense of joie de vivre which make it a high point of summer.

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Jazzaldia: All about the San Sebastian Jazz Festival

It’s summertime, blessed summer time in San Sebastian, a town which devours the sunshine as much as it does good food. And summer is entirely about seizing the day. The San Sebastian Jazz Festival makes the town that already seems like paradise infinitely better. Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your days spent in the city during Jazzaldia based our past enjoyment of this festival.

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#pintxotime Stuffed and fried red pepper

The twins who run this bar sauté ground beef with a light béchamel, stuff it into a wood-fired piquillo pepper, dip it in a light tempura batter and deep fry this satisfying and delicious dish.

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