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#Pintxotime: Grilled Scallop

This week’s chosen pintxo is the grilled Scallop with garlic and almond soup and coffee vinaigrette.

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#Pintxotime Essential Bar: Ganbara

There was a time when all bars in the Basque country were family affairs. Family pride meant attention to detail, the best possible fresh ingredients, classic combinations and eye catching presentation as well as a firm knowledge of your clientele.

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Gabriella’s perfect 24 hours in San Sebastian

My perfect day would be during Jazzaldia in July, so I’d go to a concert and then have a late drink in the garden at Kafe Botanika or at the Museo del Whiskey, a piano bar in San Sebastian that houses one of the world’s largest whiskey collections.

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Frank Camorra's take on Basque Cooking

Despite the air of European chic, the Basques are a nation of fishermen and farmers at heart who appreciate simple food -excellent simple food. Here are the dishes that lie at the foundation of their cooking.

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#Pintxotime... Starring The Anchovy

We will showcase some of our favorite pintxos in town, where to get them and what to pair it with, and this week on Pintxo Time, ladies and gentlemen we are pleased to have the chance to introduce our guest: the Anchovy.

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San Sebastián Day or TAMBORRADA

Today is the day when people dress in costume for the biggest party of the year, a celebration dating back to San Sebastián’s darkest hour when the city was razed to the ground in 1813 during the Napoleonic wars.

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