This Weekend

Our top picks for this weekend in the Basque Country, where to go, what to see and what to visit.

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Travel Tips

After years of traveling and planning other people's travel itineraries we have come up with several tips for the experienced and beginner traveller. Feel free to share your own best travel tips!

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Hunky Dory Laboratory

Hunky Dory Laboratory a niche perfume shop in San Sebastian.

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Top Plans for this weekend.

Our top 2 artsy plans for this weekend: VARNISH an art exhibition at Tabakalera & ANTROPO-CENA an installation and happening in Arteko Gallery.

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#Pintxotime: Grilled Scallop

This week’s chosen pintxo is the grilled Scallop with garlic and almond soup and coffee vinaigrette.

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#Pintxotime Essential Bar: Ganbara

There was a time when all bars in the Basque country were family affairs. Family pride meant attention to detail, the best possible fresh ingredients, classic combinations and eye catching presentation as well as a firm knowledge of your clientele.

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