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Cider houses 101

Theres a few things you must know about cider houses: Where to find them, the best time to go and how to enjoy it best. During the course of a night 10 barrels or more may be tapped. And though the general procedure is to grab a splash of cider from the streaming txotx and then head back to the table, the occasional barrel warrants a second helping.

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Olentzero, the Basque Santa Claus

Like many Basque traditions and stories, we do not know the exact origins and the same applies to this wintery character: Olentzero, a unique Basque Christmas personality usually compared to Santa Claus.

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San Sebastian in one word, a video by Kash the Budget Traveller

Community. Amazing. Civilised. Cultural. Gastronomy. There are many ways to describe San Sebastian in just one word, maybe you could tell us yours!

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San Sebastian: European Cultural Capital

2016 the year of San Sebastian. After numerous agents from the urban art scene have been invited, an artistic commission will work together to design and manage how this area will be reflected within the DSS2016EU (Donostia San Sebastian 2016) cultural program. DSS2106EU hopes to encourage participative processes with the goal of strengthening networks and promoting collaboration between different agents in the region.

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Blind Date Dinner

Our latest bet in pop-up dinners!

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Txakolí (Cha-cou-lee): sparkling white wine!

Txakoli is a slightly sparkling, dry white wine with high acidity and low alcohol content produced in the Basque Country. A ¨must¨ if you visit!

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