Some things are inevitable, like coming to the Basque Country and not falling in love with it. Part of it is that it happens to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s quite small as far as cities go, but this is somewhat part of its charm. 
The other part of falling in love with the Basque Country has to do mainly with its food. It’s just amazing. You have to try it to understand it, but I can assure you, you will inevitably be blown away.
How could I have lived for so long without trying all of these amazing dishes? You will wonder. And so, when you come and visit like many others, you will want to take part of this experience back with you. I encourage you to discover what all the fuss is about on your own time but meanwhile I also suggest you read through MOVIDA RUSTICA a recipe book with Basque Essentials.

Written by Australian chef Frank Camorra who came, fell in love and wrote a book about his eating travels through Spain. In it you will find several recipes inspired by what he tasted.
 “They took me into their kitchens and gardens and showed me the food they were preparing and growing. In most cases it was an act of hospitality. But for many it was part of their belief that recipes should be passed down and handed over for safekeeping,” and this is what Camorra has done with his book, handed these recipes out for any curious foodie.

Movida Rustica has a Basque Kitchen section with dishes Camorra describes as the foundation of Basque cooking, inspired on his food adventures.
“More than anywhere else in Spain, the Basques obsess with the provenance of food. From the top chefs to the engaged homecook, the people have a knowledge of their country.
When Franco was in power, he forbid Basques to do many things but food, unlike language or literature, could not be banned, and cooking not only sustained the bodies and souls of the Basques but also became a tacit form of defiance and a source of stability. Within their homes, in their kitchens and around dining tables, the Basques could be themselves and celebrate who they were.”

Time and time again we get asked about a Basque recipe book, and this is definitely our answer!

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