The sense of smell is the most powerful of all the senses it is 10,000 times more sensitive than any other of our senses, also it is the one sense that immediately communicates with your brain. Other senses must travel through the body via neurons before reaching the brain whereas the olfactory response is direct. You sniff, the signal goes straight into your brain and it is saved in your memory. Smelling something has the power to transport you to a specific time or person.

Hunky Dory Laboratory is a niche perfume shop in the center of San Sebastian, it is run by two passionate ladies Eva and Maddalen, who share extensive knowledge of perfumes, all things nice and know how important the sense of smell is. 
Their store Hunky Dory, is named after David Bowie's 1971 album, it is also an allusion to Maddalen's first blog 'El tocador de Dorothy' (Dorothy's vanity table) which became her window into the perfume world and, is also a reference to an American term coined in 1862 to describe something as 'Ah-ok!'.

Hunky Dory Laboratory in San Sebastian is letting visitors and locals alike in on their little secrets, there is so much more about fragrances you didn't know. There are no perfumes specific for men or women as one might think from all the commercial brands we are used to, there are only different tastes. These ladies have trained their sense of smell to sniff out what they consider the best and most unique of fragrances always keeping up with the latest trends. Usually their fragrances come from artisan perfumers, small brands and niche perfume makers who share their passion and offer a wide array of scents, that we can assure you, you have never smelt before. It is truly fascinating.

Their shop is not only beautiful and welcoming (they also have cookies) but Eva and Maddalen help you find the right fragrance for you or your loved ones. There is a test you can take online, they analyse your answers and come up with some options for you, so you can go and sniff your way through the shop. If you are looking for a gift they offer small testers so you or the person you are buying for, can try the perfume at home and see how you feel, and how it reacts on your skin so you are sure of your choice.
In addition to their special perfumes they have curated a selection of skin care products, make up -including organic brands-as well as home fragrances, candles and hand made soaps.

Ladies and gents we have found the Chocolate Factory of perfumes and gorgeous beauty products. Be sure to stop by when you are in town. Enquire about their workshops and about the wine and perfume or cheese and perfume pairings we can organise for you!

Address: Plaza Zaragoza 1, 20005 San Sebastián.