There was a time when all bars in the Basque country were family affairs. Family pride meant attention to detail, the best possible fresh ingredients, classic combinations and eye catching presentation as well as a firm knowledge of your clientele.

Ganbara is still that bar. Everything is good. Jose and Amaia who had long family histories in the San Sebastian bar scene started Ganbara in the 80’s and have since been joined by their son Aimar and daughter Nagore. Amir has innovated on the wine front and there are new seasonal pintxos occasionally but Ganbara is true to the classics.

The bar is laden colorful plates filled with freshly produced traditional pintxos from Juan Mari Arzak´s Pastel de Krabarroka (fish mousse) to heaping platters of the best wild mushrooms which are grilled to order. Other classics are a spider crab tartlet, freshly baked mini croissants filled with glistening Iberian ham, hake roe, house-made anchovies and of course a great Gilda. This is where chefs go to eat. It’s a must.