Artisans market in La Bretxa

25 MAR, 27 MAR, 28 MAR 2016 / 10:00 - 14:30, 16:30 -20:00
La Asociación de Artesanos de Gipuzkoa Gabiltza the artisans association will be selling their products in La Bretxa, hand made jewelry, leather products, carved wood figurines, textile products and glass blown designs.
Visit their website for more information.

Stop war festival

24-27 March 2016.
Various locations round the city, head to their website to check out their entire program 2016. 
During Easter this year this festival is all about music, art, dance and theatre. It is about creating awarness and a culture that creates bridges, gets rid of frontiers and conflicts and celebrates togetherness with various artistic performances. 

Pop-up Store in Getaria

From the 24th-28th of March.
Elkano street #1
Pop- Up store organized by Aterian in their new space and featuring designs by Ana Orozko, designer of the brand CALMADA. Take a look at her unique bags, purses, turbans and accessories and be sure to visit their pop up. Once in Getaria you could even try some sprakling Txakoli (white wine) to celebrate the holidays!