Our 2 top plans for this weekend: VARNISH an art exhibition at Tabakalera & ANTROPO-CENA an installation and happening in Arteko Gallery.



Friday 4 March at 19:00
ArteUpArte Studio in Tabakalera
Free Entry

Artist Javier de Riba from ARTEUPARTE is a creative catalan artist who has worked as an art director. He is part of Reskate Arts & Crafts where he has several graphic projects related to sustainability and humanely ways of treating people. He is restless and questions each project.

VARNISH his latest venture is a study of varnish and wood. Varnish is represented as a means to reveal wood and also to express itself. He has several pieces which show the density and transparency, the dialogue between varnish and wood.

He has collected several pieces of abandoned and solid wood and worked with them. Sanded them down, varnished to reveal its true value and “skin”, showing how varnish can work both as a beautifier as well as a means of expression.  

Visit his exhibition this Friday 4th of March at 19:00 in the ArteUpArte Studio and Gallery in Tabakalera.

Check out the event here.



Saturday 05 March 19:30
Arteko Galeria: Iparraguirre, 4.
Free Entry

Gnac-Gnac (Ñnac Ñnac) an artistic group by Natacha Sansoz and Prunelle Giordano with a playful lab where they explore culinary measures and claim food can no longer be seen as a mere consumers good, will present an installation and performance.

They will have a buffet which will allow us to smell, taste and touch the different textures they use. It is an active performance where they will interact with spectators. They are looking to underline the disastrous impact of food waste and the impact on the planet.

Antropo-Cena is a play on words which makes a reference to the geological anthropocene period which reflects the influence of human activity in the atmospheric, geological, hydrological and biospheric processes in the Earth’s system, today dangerously disturbed by human activities.

For those interested in discovering Natacha Sansoz you can also see her exhibition FLYSCH & SHEEPS, from the 9- 26 of march in Mendi Zolan in Hendaye.

For more information check ou their Facebook page.

Looking forward to seeing you there, let us know what you think!