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Mise en place for Gilda pintxo Photo by Michael Turtle

We offer a variety of cooking classes in San Sebastian, suited to any and all levels of culinary expertise. The classes are taught by our wonderful and experienced chef, and you’re sure to learn a lot of new tricks to impress your friends and family at home. The classes are a great hands-on way to really dig into the local culture.
The Classic Cooking Class features pintxos and traditional Basque dishes with modern touches. You’ll then enjoy the fruits of your labor with wine and good conversation. 
It starts with a guided tour of the food markets, visits to a couple of the city's gourmet shops and continues in our new culinary studio overlooking one of the most emblematic streets of the old part of San Sebastian. 

Here your private chef will show you how to prepare some of the most emblematic Pintxos as well as some useful cooking tips, you will get to taste what you prepare and enjoy a sit down meal with good conversation and company together with some local Basque wine!

*Enquire about cooking classes in other cities!

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