The Guggenheim effect has changed much about the city of Bilbao. Contemporary architecture, public art and well maintained green spaces line the Nervion river where dilapidated warehouses stood just 20 years before. Art galleries, cool shops and cocktail bars have replaced corner stores and shipping offices but Bilbao adheres to tradition where pintxos are concerned.

The good people of Bilbao, many of them who live in the outlining neighborhood and towns reachable by Sir Norman Foster’s award-winning metro line, tend to eat pintxos at very specific hours. Some pintxos are only available in the afternoons when people meet for drinks after work. The Sunday aperitif stops promptly at 2 because local denizens will of course be going off for lunch after that.

Favorites are still remarkably classic - croquettes, ham, little sandwiches called triangles and fried calamares are still firm favorites but we've chosen a few others which speak to the gastronomic changes which have taken place in the city.

We will be posting some of our favourites, her is a taster:

Address: Unamuno Miguel Plaza, 2, 48005 Bilbao, Bizkaia
Your call but you’ve got to choose between Chorizo al infierno (chorizo from hell) with a judicious touch of spice, Setas del purgatorio (purgatory mushrooms) well balanced oyster mushrooms done on the flat grill and Champiñón a la gloria (Glorious mushroom) a one bite wonder with the family’s secret sauce.