Luis Irizar
Along with his colleague Juan Mari Arzak, Don Luis Irizar is considered to be the grandfather of modern Basque cuisine, or cocina vasca moderna. He has taught and mentored many of the city’s top chefs and culinary professionals, and even today he stops by frequently to pay a visit to the studious young men and women in his namesake culinary school. It is one of the most prestigious culinary schools in Spain, and experts consider Luis Irizar to be one of the the patriarchs of Basque cuisine. He is largely responsible for the quantum jump produced in the area of Basque cuisine. “Going back 40 years, after analysing different local cuisines from all over the globe, Luis Irizar decided that it was high time Basque gastronomy was given a quality label. Since then, it has become a reference point in the area of cookery which has acquired great specific importance in our current culture.”
Phone: +34 943 431540
Address: Calle Mari 5, bajo

The Basque Culinary Center
One of two Culinary Universities in Europe, created in 2011 by the University of Mondragón and a group of prominent Basque chefs as a training, research and innovation project, aimed at developing the culinary sector, with the idea of relating cooking with management, science and other disciplines.Some of the region’s and the world’s top chefs have banded together to support this project. Its faculty and students are working hard to elevate gastronomy to an academic level, and lots of interesting project have arisen from it. Check out their website for any events, pop-up dinners, private chef events or a visit to the cafeteria.
Address: Paseo Juan Avelino Barriola
Phone:943 57 45 00

Aiala, Karlos Arguinano school
The hotel and restaurant business school Aiala, was founded in 1996 by Chef Karlos Arguiñano to train young people into culinary professionals, to widen this sector's knowledge in modern and traditional facilities. 
It has a restaurant that is open to the publis, a place where students can practice, their cooking, plating and presenting dishes, serve it and learn about restaurant managing. 
Address: Abendaño Urdaneta Bidea, 5 Zarautz
Phone: 943 13 46 00

Gabriella's Kitchen
Gabriella Ranelli runs several cooking classes. The Classic Cooking Class is done at her private culinary studio in San Sebastian, a cozy place overlooking one of the Old Town's busiest streets. She offers a variety of cooking classes, suited to any and all levels of culinary expertise. The classes are taught by a wonderful and experienced chef, and you’re sure to learn a lot of new tricks to impress your friends and family at home. The classes are a great hands-on way to really dig into the local culture. This studio is ideal for 2 to 12 people. Here your private chef will show you how to prepare some of the most emblematic Pintxos (tapas) as well as some useful cooking tips, you will get to taste what you prepare and enjoy a sit down meal with good conversation and company together with some local Basque wine!
The cost of this class is 195€ per person and it includes a tour of the markets and Old Town, Gabriella's favorite shops, a private cooking class in her studio, all the food and drink, private chef and guide and a complimentary apron.

Cooking Class in Private Eating Society.
This class is ideal for groups from 4-20 people. Eating societies, or private members-only cooking clubs, are a staple of Basque culture. People join together with family and friends to cook, eat, share stories, and celebrate any day of the week, and especially on weekends, lunch can blend into dinner, and dinner can last well into the wee hours. Through sharing recipes and camaraderie, Basque culture and language are kept alive, and the next generation can be seen learning culinary secrets at the stove next to their elders.
The cost of this class is 195€ per person and includes a private chef, private and expert bilingual guide, all food and drink, complimentary aprons and the option of a market tour. Enquire for more information.