San Sebastian: Places to Breakfast

Breakfast is the smallest meal of the day around here, with many people having some toast with jam or a quick croissant, along with a steaming café con leche. We’ve found a few favorite spots over the years, each with their own specialty or two. Good morning, early risers!

Parte Vieja:

·Gorriti: San Juan Kalea #3, opens at 07:00, every day but Sunday

An old classic, right by the farmers’ market. Anything out on the bar is great, especially the mini-“bocadillos” over on the left.

·Galparsoro: Calle Mayor/Kale Nagusia #6, opens at 08:00, every day
Not a café, but the city’s best bakery. Grab a multi-seed croissant, an apricot-filled pastry, or a chocolate napolitana to go.


·Bar Antonio: Calle Bergara #3, opens at 07:30, every day but Sunday

Our #1 spot for a no-frills coffee and tortilla de patata (Spanish potato omelette).

·Ciaboga: Calle Easo #9, opens at 11:00, every day
For the late-risers, this sliver of a bar is just by the Hotel de Londres.

·Old Town Coffee: Reyes Católicos #6, opens at 09:00, every day
Great coffee, homemade pastries and cakes. They don’t do decaf, you’ve been warned.

·Koh Tao: Bengoetxea Kalea #2, opens at 07:30 on weekdays, 09:00 on weekends Hip, casual, laid-back. Lots of tea and other drink selections.

·Bide Luze: Gipuzkoa Plaza #14, opens at 08:00 on weekdays, later on weekends Good and filling tortilla de patatas, small sandwiches, and pastries.

·Hotel Niza: Zubieta #56, opens at 07:30 every day
Views of the bay, good breakfasts. Tortillas de patatas are only from noon on out.


·Sakona: Ramón María Lili Pasealekua #2, opens at 09:00 every day except Tuesdays.

Hands-down the best coffee in San Sebastián. Hip, minimalist, and friendly.

·The Loaf: Zurriola #18, opens at 09:00, every day
The original of several locations, with handmade & homemade breads and good coffee.

And for all your coffee needs (we have many coffee needs), here’s a little breakfast glossary: ·Café sólo: single espresso
·Café cortado: single espresso “cut” with a bit of steamed milk
·Café con leche: single espresso with a lot of steamed milk

·Zumo de naranja: freshly-squeezed orange juice. A must.