Casa Urola
It is easy to get lost in the pedestrianised streets of the old town of San Sebastian there are literally hundreds of pintxos (basque tapas) bars. People wander from one to the next having a glass of wine and a nibble at each. 
Casa Urola is our second home. Owners chef Pablo Loureiro and Begoña have created a gem of a bar and restaurant right in the heart of San Sebastian’s Old Town. Pablo is a master with the traditional charcoal grill, and everything from fish and seafood to mushrooms and vegetables gets a chance to shine with thoughtful, delicate preparations and a pass over the glowing embers. (Our secret: they make the best torrija in town!)
Address: Fermín Calbetón 20
Phone: 943 44 13 71

Rekondo is a family-run restaurant on the way up to  Mount Igueldo whose wine cellar is a sight to behold, ithas been named one of the five best ones in the world. With well over a hundred thousand bottles (who’s counting?!) and a wine list that numbers in the hundreds of pages, it is the spot for wine lovers from both near and far. The cuisine is traditional with modern touches, and diners can sit on the lovely shaded terrace when weather permits.
Address: Paseo de Igeldo, 57
Phone: +34 943 212 907

Essencia Wine Bar
Recommened to anyone who enjoys nice wines, nice food pairings and a classic cheese platter. Good honest food and wine.
Address: Zabaleta Kalea, 53
Phone: +34 943 32 69 15

Lanziego is the place for ladies-who-lunch, for important business matters, and for well-heeled families on any given Sunday. It is a bright and sunny family-run establishment with expertly-prepared dishes that run from very traditional to traditional-with-modern-touches, an outstanding wine list, and wonderful service that makes you feel at home whether dining solo, en familie, or with a group.
Address: Triunfo Kalea, 3
Phone:943 46 23 84

Dani Lopez’s Kokotxa is a 1-Michelin-star gem right in San Sebastian’s Old Town. His cuisine is creative and thoughtful with more than a little playfulness thrown in, and diners can order one of several tasting menus or à la carte . With fantastic raw ingredients, a team of dedicated young cooks, and an unbeatable corner location, Kokotxa is worth a visit!
Address: Calle del Campanario, 11.
Phone: 943 42 19 04